The Year of the Monkey.

Steady progress could be music to your ears in 2016 if you’re prepared to undergo a makeover of your creative goals early in the year. There could be a few hiccups around August but you’ll be able to weather the storm if you’re honest about your personal integrity and ready to let others have their say. Loyal and committed you are, but just be prepared to step back regularly throughout the year to appreciate your progress.
Apply: Understanding

Balancing being with yourself and in the company of others is your challenge in 2016. There’s a complete shift at the beginning of the year while you recalibrate your emotional values and understand deep down what love and joy mean to you. After this, April through June will flicker by in a blur as you try and keep up with the changes in your life. Intense and compressed cycles of endings and beginnings will start to make sense by the second half of the year.
Apply: Adaptability

You could feel that you’ve really evolved by the end of this year. Such spiritual fulfillment and success will come from listening to your inner voice and applying it in your daily life. Sound simple? Well, the twists and turns of your year may appear far from simple but, as you know only too well, strong energy levels, wisdom and love will be your reward if you can remain patient and go at a pace that your physical body can cope with.
Apply: Inner & Outer Balance

Meditation for This Month

This guided meditation was created especially for you to gain maximum benefit from the energies of this month. Download now, create your favourite form of sacred space, and feel the difference.

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Featured Meditation

We're featuring this meditation of special interest - Meditation Group In November 2012 on occasion of Total Solar Eclipse. Download and listen - experience being in the group during the Guided Meditation, and hear the guidance from Higher Realms exactly as it was channelled through at the event.

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