The Year of the Monkey.

This year, if you don’t realize the importance of listening then Yang Fire Monkey will remind you in March and April. You could easily get all fired up but, to embrace this powerful year of change, it’s better to stick with your legendary diplomacy and social business style rather than force others’ hands. This is a year when you could travel a lot… but be careful you don’t end up going around in circles with little profit to show for it.
Apply: Efficiency

Relationships are always very important to you. However, this year you could be away from your nearest and dearest more than you thought possible. The social merry-go-round will start spinning in early July but don’t worry, those who love you will be well occupied with their own business so they won’t be straying or missing you much. Just remember to appreciate, care and nurture what you hold dear.
Apply: Nurture

You could get all steamed up this year and suffer from high blood pressure if you feel you aren’t being listened to or are somehow left out of important issues. The best way to deal with periods of frustration is to realize that everything comes to he who acts wisely and waits. So don’t stir up your life and your health unnecessarily Ñ ask the Universe to support you in an even flow of change rather than large peaks and troughs.
Apply: Cosmic Timing

Meditation for This Month

This guided meditation was created especially for you to gain maximum benefit from the energies of this month. Download now, create your favourite form of sacred space, and feel the difference.

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Featured Meditation

We're featuring this meditation of special interest - Meditation Group In November 2012 on occasion of Total Solar Eclipse. Download and listen - experience being in the group during the Guided Meditation, and hear the guidance from Higher Realms exactly as it was channelled through at the event.

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