The Year of the Monkey 2016
with Alexandria

Harness the Healing Forces of your Chinese animal to benefit your life throughout the year.

Year of the Yang Fire Monkey begins 8 February 2016.

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MONKEYPotentialYang Fire Monkey is one of the least predictable of your cousins and balance is always a challenge during your namesake year. Therefore, don’t let yourself go over the top, exaggerating what could be or hoping for wonderful outcomes without any effort. Instead, promise yourself you’ll go with the flow joyously to create confidence and positive change. Then you won’t enable ego to talk you into denial. You’ll be able to hear the truth as well as your own hopes and dreams.
Apply:    Inner TruthRelationshipsYou’ll want more freedom this year as Yang Fire Monkey loves to travel and be a strong presence on the stage of life. This doesn’t mean you’ll become distant from your loved ones but, if you try and please others rather than getting on with creative projects, frustrations could run high. Therefore, work on an inner balance that communicates your feelings well, gives others their say and let’s you get the best of creative and social spheres.
Apply:    IntentionHealingYour health will do well this year if you’re prepared to balance periods of intense activity with down time. You could easily get hyper in the middle of the year but become poorly in August as your immune system makes you rest. Therefore, work at the beginning of the year to find a pace that suits you rather than riding a roller coaster of erratic energy levels.
Apply:    Discernment
ROOSTERPotentialYou could start the year blaming Yang Fire Monkey for making everything too hot to handle. However, if you can stand back in April and May, you’ll see that a new phase of urgency and momentum has started in your life and it isn’t as demanding as it first appeared. You’re a creative and lateral thinking person so don’t waste your time being shy. Invest in getting your message right and some self loving promotion so you get noticed rather than overlooked.
Apply:    RebirthRelationshipsAlthough people wouldn’t necessarily call you the emotional type, this year you could easily express love, devotion and the importance of love in your life in a much more open and meaningful way. At first, this could catch others off guard or make them feel uncomfortable. However, don’t let this discourage you and don’t consider the power of love a burden that you can’t express.
Apply:    CelebrationHealingIntegrating the expansion of your emotional self from a point of view of expressing your feelings and bringing greater creativity into your work will keep you well occupied in 2016. Monkey could irritate you in July and September simply because you feel rushed and confused about the pace of change. Just accept that everyone evolves in a different way and so, despite the external encouragement of Monkey, always rely on your inner voice to check on how you feel about your progress.
Apply:    Inner Balance
DOGPotentialBig changes in April and July could find you temporarily lost for words… and friends. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll have a challenging year. Your intuition and creative path will be rich with support and rewards if you remain true to your inner voice and realize that, just because you think you’re being forced to make decisions, in truth, you’re undergoing a much needed clarification.
Apply:    TransformationRelationshipsYour friends are very important to you in your life but they could become a drain by June if you’re not prepared to be honest about the fact that it takes two to tango. This goes for all kinds of relationships, not just the romantic kind. So if you’re feeling like you’re putting in all the effort then let Monkey help you meet new people and release you from relationship patterns that are becoming a drag and going nowhere.
Apply:    ReleaseHealingYour healing path could be a little bit more dramatic than you intended in 2016 when Monkey asks you to clarify and rebalance your life. But the resultant shake up is far from what you expected. So if you want to avoid a wellness roller coaster, make sure you’re realistic about your expectations, committed to investing in new opportunities, and honest about what needs to change in your life.
Apply:    Self Honesty
PIGPotentialAfter a couple of demanding years full of Fire, you could be discouraged at the beginning of Yang Fire monkey thinking it’s a case of ‘here we go again.’ But before your ego tries to talk you into a slog-athon, realize that Monkey will bring flow and the inner resolve to harness that flow if you’re prepared to be more independent in your creativity and less influenced by others.
Apply:    IntentionRelationshipsYou could have a compassionate and liberating year in 2016 if you’re willing to allow others to dive into their realizations rather than trying to nurse them through it. ‘This isn’t compassionate’ you cry. Well, it is if your intention is to help others become self loving. Therefore, if you’re going to have a highly emotional year, let it be joy that radiates out in all directions rather than the sound of you cracking under the strain of others inability to change.
Apply:    CompassionHealingThe life of Pig is often about listening and advising. However you’ll get the most out of this year by leaving the upbeat chaos of Monkey for quiet time with yourself. So why not invest in hobbies and pastimes that help you relax? Allow your world to come to you rather than joining a social merry-go-round that you find disorientating and unnecessarily complicated.
Apply:    Discernment
RATPotentialThis year it’s time to renegotiate work responsibilities and improve your work/play balance. If you think you can charm your way out of this shift, think again. Monkey will expose any double standards and remind you that being witty and economizing the truth of where you’re at will not win you friends nor influence anyone. Therefore, recognize that honesty is definitely the best policy.
Apply:    IntentionRelationshipsYou could feel like you’re in the middle of a relationship earthquake this year, although the disruption will be brief. Why? Well, Yang Fire Monkey appears to give you help with one hand and take it away with the other. But don’t panic. The world hasn’t gone mad. It’s just time to realize that everyone is making big changes and you need to make time to get in the flow of change rather than end up scrambling to keep up.
Apply:    ReflectionHealingYour past and the excess baggage you didn’t know you were carrying could cause you health problems this year. Therefore, it’s the ideal year, though perhaps not the ideal time in your perception, to reduce your work hours or break up your routine. Even start a completely new line of work. This could be the break with routine you need so that you can make your peace with your emotional past and enjoy a fresh start.
Apply:    Self Love
OXPotentialSteady progress could be music to your ears in 2016 if you’re prepared to undergo a makeover of your creative goals early in the year. There could be a few hiccups around August but you’ll be able to weather the storm if you’re honest about your personal integrity and ready to let others have their say. Loyal and committed you are, but just be prepared to step back regularly throughout the year to appreciate your progress.
Apply:    UnderstandingRelationshipsBalancing being with yourself and in the company of others is your challenge in 2016. There’s a complete shift at the beginning of the year while you recalibrate your emotional values and understand deep down what love and joy mean to you. After this, April through June will flicker by in a blur as you try and keep up with the changes in your life. Intense and compressed cycles of endings and beginnings will start to make sense by the second half of the year.
Apply: AdaptabilityHealingYou could feel that you’ve really evolved by the end of this year. Such spiritual fulfillment and success will come from listening to your inner voice and applying it in your daily life. Sound simple? Well, the twists and turns of your year may appear far from simple but, as you know only too well, strong energy levels, wisdom and love will be your reward if you can remain patient and go at a pace that your physical body can cope with.
Apply:    Inner & Outer Balance
PotentialEmotional well being could cloud your judgment at work this year causing intense arguments about money which you find hard to heal. Therefore, make a commitment at the beginning of this year to get a second opinion about anything financial. In addition, it’s time to get proactive about your abilities or take the initiative to study for new qualifications. Then you’ll create alternatives rather than letting Monkey appear to provoke your pride and your destructive streak.
Apply:    Non-ConflictRelationshipsYou could feel that Monkey year is responsible for some major relationship endings this year but there’s no need to make a drama out of a crisis. Accept that 2016 could be a year of major ups and downs and that, although most of the Zodiac isn’t able to adapt as quickly as you, it doesn’t mean they’re against you. Monkey can be vain and an attention hogger, so don’t let your ego tell you there isn’t enough attention to go around because it’s Love that matters, not attention.
Apply:    AllowanceHealingFrustration and trapped energy is the source of most of your problems this year. So if you want to apply yourself without creating any long term health problems, realize you may have to do less and focus on greater quality in your life, rather than do more and push your stress levels beyond what’s humanly possible, even for a Tiger.
Apply: Detachment
RABBITPotentialYang Fire Monkey could become a two-steps-forward-and-one-step-back year for you if you don’t do what you feel from the outset. Standing up for your personal truth may not appear popular or logical but it’ll bring you so much joy that you win friends and influence many people who’ll see you in a completely different light as a result.
Apply:    Unconditional CommunicationRelationshipsYou need to pace yourself this year or you could easily run out of steam, causing you to snap and erupt into anger. Many will never have seen this side of you before but it’ll certainly help you get your point across. However, if you want to have a more gentle and less extreme passage through Monkey year, avoid procrastination. Instead, face what’s flowing through you, stay in the Now, and honour your personal truth as much as you can. Then relationships will know exactly where you stand and respect your personal integrity.
Apply:    Inner StrengthHealingThis is a life changing year for all Bunnies if they can harness some of the charismatic confidence of Monkey and combine integrity and commitment in a big leap of faith. This could give you a new lease of life and surge of life force energy in the middle of the year. But make sure you balance yourself wisely and don’t try and do too much, causing exhaustion in the last few months of the year.
Apply:    Balance
DRAGONPotentialThe beginning of Monkey Year could throw you into confusion simply because you’re overloaded with mental energy which makes your perception clogged with complication. Therefore, try to take some time out at the beginning of the year to look at your intentions, rather than logic. Order and chaos will go hand in hand this year, so why not make a commitment to cooperate now rather than find yourself isolated by August?
Apply:    CooperationRelationshipsRelationships are foremost in your mind this year and Monkey will help you focus more on your loved ones if you’re prepared to come to terms with the situations that distanced you from them during 2015. Yes, Dragon has much to accomplish, and often many more responsibilities than others, but this is a year to make communicating the Heart your most important responsibility and appreciating that quality relationships are cultivated, not a given.
Apply:    ConsiderationHealingAlthough this year will cause many upsets and shake-ups, you’ll learn a lot about flexibly, and on-the-go creativity. This could cause stress in May and July but, as you adapt, you’ll feel progressively better as the Year moves forward. Perhaps this is not your finest hour but the joy of others and your appreciation of their success will help you come out with a positive impression of Yang Fire Monkey and bring a sense of acceptance and contentment.
Apply:    Patience
PotentialThis year, if you don’t realize the importance of listening then Yang Fire Monkey will remind you in March and April. You could easily get all fired up but, to embrace this powerful year of change, it’s better to stick with your legendary diplomacy and social business style rather than force others’ hands. This is a year when you could travel a lot… but be careful you don’t end up going around in circles with little profit to show for it.
Apply:    EfficiencyRelationshipsRelationships are always very important to you. However, this year you could be away from your nearest and dearest more than you thought possible. The social merry-go-round will start spinning in early July but don’t worry, those who love you will be well occupied with their own business so they won’t be straying or missing you much. Just remember to appreciate, care and nurture what you hold dear.
Apply:    NurtureHealingYou could get all steamed up this year and suffer from high blood pressure if you feel you aren’t being listened to or are somehow left out of important issues. The best way to deal with periods of frustration is to realize that everything comes to he who acts wisely and waits. So don’t stir up your life and your health unnecessarily — ask the Universe to support you in an even flow of change rather than large peaks and troughs.
Apply:    Cosmic Timing
PotentialYang Fire Monkey could make you feel insecure at the start of the year simply because you insist on standing by opinions you formulated in 2015 which are more fiction than fact. Either way, a large serving of humble pie with a side order of flexibility could become your most nourishing meal in February if you’re prepared to tuck in and realize it’s not what we know that makes us great, it’s the ability to remain open minded and open hearted.
Apply:    OpennessRelationshipsRelationship endings or breakups could appear harsh this year when the universal scales rebalance in June, and what appeared to be contentment moves into a heightened state of emotional stress. Fortunately, this isn’t going to last long if you have the courage to admit if you’ve behaved unlovingly. Monkey will appear to point the finger at you but, remember, pride comes before a fall. If you haven’t been gracious, now is the time to learn.
Apply:    ForgivenessHealingYou’ve often said that Monkey is too clever for it’s own good and only gets away with it because it can climb into the trees. Monkey can be over-confident and insensitive. However, it’s these very qualities that you’ll need to face within yourself in 2016 if you’re to realize that compassion, rather than judgment, is required to strengthen your health and refresh your sense of humour after the challenges of 2015.
Apply:    Laughter
GOAT/SHEEPPotentialA less demanding year awaits you if you can be honest about your situation by the dawning of the New Year on February 8th. Monkey can often make you laugh and help you be more dynamic and applied but, if you were looking for a friend to keep prodding you into action, you’ll be sorely mistaken! So remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And if what you see isn’t what you get, you may have to make up the difference with effort.
Apply:    ActionRelationshipsYou could make some big changes this year if you realize that you were over-occupied in 2015 with what might happen but didn’t. An outbreak of Monkey optimism will boost your faith in April and June so why not demonstrate to all around you your ability to come out from your comfort zone? If you can, then you’ll be seen as caring, proactive and the great friend you are, instead of shrinking into yourself when your first attempts don’t succeed.
Apply:    Self ConfidenceHealingMaking room for the great opportunities and your ability to expand both spiritually and creatively could feel overwhelming at the beginning of the year. However, with a structured plan for 2016, you won’t get agitated by Monkey’s fast pace of change if you’re willing to edit what isn’t working in your life. So remember, self loving organization and the courage to know what you want, not indecision, will get results.
Apply:    Understanding
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