The Year of the Monkey.

Emotional well being could cloud your judgment at work this year causing intense arguments about money which you find hard to heal. Therefore, make a commitment at the beginning of this year to get a second opinion about anything financial. In addition, it’s time to get proactive about your abilities or take the initiative to study for new qualifications. Then you’ll create alternatives rather than letting Monkey appear to provoke your pride and your destructive streak.
Apply: Non-Conflict

You could feel that Monkey year is responsible for some major relationship endings this year but there’s no need to make a drama out of a crisis. Accept that 2016 could be a year of major ups and downs and that, although most of the Zodiac isn’t able to adapt as quickly as you, it doesn’t mean they’re against you. Monkey can be vain and an attention hogger, so don’t let your ego tell you there isn’t enough attention to go around because it’s Love that matters, not attention.
Apply: Allowance

Frustration and trapped energy is the source of most of your problems this year. So if you want to apply yourself without creating any long term health problems, realize you may have to do less and focus on greater quality in your life, rather than do more and push your stress levels beyond what’s humanly possible, even for a Tiger.
Apply: Detachment

Meditation for This Month

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Featured Meditation

We're featuring this meditation of special interest - Meditation Group In November 2012 on occasion of Total Solar Eclipse. Download and listen - experience being in the group during the Guided Meditation, and hear the guidance from Higher Realms exactly as it was channelled through at the event.

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