(Nov 23 - Dec 21)


Well, if you didn’t already know, Saturn, the Planetary Teacher, has landed in your sign. There’s no need to run for cover or think Lady Luck will now pass you by, however. It’s a time to realize that less is more and conscious changes require both spontaneity and self-loving organization. Yes, you might want to show people the power of faith and holding onto your dreams, but don’t forget that great visionaries are required to live the dream and be the example of joy, not just talk about it.

Apply: Self Love


Relationships could hit a rough patch after the mutable square alignment on June 3rd. Constant friction could burst into flames in September if you try and make your dream everyone else’s. Yes, you’re passionate about what you believe this year, but a live-and-let-live policy will be much better received and gentleness, consideration and joy will help bring out the best in everybody.

Apply: Community


You could spend the first part of the year out on a limb or separate from others simply because you feel emotionally overwhelmed. This might cause others to worry or be suspicious about your motives. Therefore help your health with regular periods of clarification and communication. Then you’ll feel loved, clearer about the progress you’re making, and more at peace about all areas of your life.

Apply: Communication

Planetary Partner:  Saturn
Meditation: “I am choosing to be enthusiastic and realistic.
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