• Alexandria:

    About Alexandria

    Having rushed to arrive on planet earth, I spent my early childhood wondering why I didn’t fit in and hoping that, if I’d only come for a brief visit, my real community would be back to collect me soon!

    As more time passed, I realised I was responsible for creating my own life. But answers to my questions “Where did I come from?” and “Why am I here?” would require quite a lot more research than I’d first thought.

    When rebellion, originality and spontaneity weren’t welcomed at home or school, I became disappointed with the outside world and turned inward.

    The first place I looked was in my heart. There I encountered my Higher Self. This was perhaps a ‘first contact’ moment for me as I discovered I wasn’t alone.

    When my physical world didn’t seem to have the answers that resonated with me, I could look further into the alternatives and expanded perspectives of my inner world. It was both a relief and an inspiration because I now knew there was always hope and help, it was just a matter of knowing where to look and when to listen.

    After my university years came the recession of the early 90s. In the face of unemployment, I again turned inward, accessing my heart-centred wisdom. Following  a spiral of acquaintance and chaos, I ended up in Asia teaching self confidence, life skills, and presentation skills.

    It was at that time the energies of the East prompted me to start writing down my inner conversations. This lasted less than ten minutes as I couldn’t write as fast as the flow of words I was receiving. So I started recording the communications.

    That was when direct voice channelling began for me.

    After experiencing many different forms of channelling, I don’t believe that direct voice channelling is a gift for only a chosen few. Perhaps it would be better to say that channelling is just one form of a soul’s interdimensional connectedness. Some would call their art, music, words of compassion, meditation, interior design or healing their channelling.

    Therefore, I believe the way we express our own interdimensional connectedness and the essence of who we truly are is unique to each of us, and it comes in as many forms as there are souls on the planet.

    Direct voice channelling is perhaps such a popular form of channeling because it gives us an opportunity to experience the energy and wisdoms of other worlds and dimensions in readily accessible words. But what is perhaps less well known is that behind the channelled words is a profound and intricate matrix of energy that was designed for that precise moment in time, the particular souls present, and for the specific alignment and healing intention of the group. This energy remains within the words and the connectedness that was generated during the event. It is also there to experience when you read the words.

    As my research trip has expanded over the past 35 years (see my book ‘Magician From The Masses’ for more on this), my interdimensional connection has grown into teaching personal alchemy workshops globally, writing books (including ‘Magician From The Masses’ and ‘Armchair Alchemist’), writing widely-published articles (StarForce’, ‘AstroVision’ and ‘AstroGlobe’), and running channelling and healing events the world over.

    I hope you enjoy your time in the LifeOfLight Channelling Library and that the expanded perspectives, spiritual wisdom and interdimensional energy support you in finding alternatives, hope, inspiration and understanding on how to gain greater joy and fulfilment in your daily experience.

    If you would like to experience some of these events as they were recorded, just visit Download Heaven where you can download original recordings and a variety of meditations.

    Enjoy your wisdom harvesting.


  • Paul:

    About Paul

    Through ongoing intense meditation practice in the 1980s, I began experiencing communications from higher dimensions of consciousness. Although I wasn’t aware at the time of the significant initiation I was going through, it was the beginning of a remarkable transformation in my life.

    Since my very first encounter, I’ve experienced this flow of wisdom as something very difficult to describe — a telepathic transfer of ideas or thoughts that weave their way through me and translate out into the world as spoken words. You can get the full story of this part of my journey in my book entitled “Opening To Life

    At first I kept this experience to myself, at least until I gained a clearer understanding of it. Over time though, I became more accustomed to its continuing presence in my life and the profound wisdom and insights it was providing. Increasingly, I ‘put it to the test’ by applying it to situations and real life issues — my own and others’. With their guidance and my own practice and experience, I was able to harness it as a powerful tool for inspiration, understanding and awareness to help and guide people the world over towards a more fulfilling life.

    I’d encountered a limitless source of authentic wisdom — astonishing life guidance that not only withstood relentless tests of my own ongoing search for answers to life’s quandaries and absurdities, but that actually made sense of them.

    All in all, I found this experience of direct voice channelling very challenging and, at the same time, truly empowering. I’d made life changing contact that lead to transformational effects in my life, as well as in other people’s lives.

    Furthermore, the wisdom that came through this process translated well into practical tools that I now teach people so they can overcome their own inner struggles, enabling them to gain mastery over helplessness, uncertainty or fear, even in the most extraordinary or difficult circumstances.

    This was a wealth of inspirational teaching and it brought powerful understandings of real life issues — genuinely enlightened awareness, not just conformist and often not convenient; inspiring challenging insights, not the usual stuff I’d read or heard along my journey; powerful life tools and methods, not theoretical or common or conventional ones.

    Today, in my work around the globe, I offer people hope through awareness and understanding, practical tools and methods, and effective support, all of which originates in my direct encounters with Higher Consciousness.

    The intention in my work is the same as it is with those beings who transmit the wealth of material in our Channelling Library: to serve the foundational spiritual responsibility and task we all face — to express and live our higher nature in our daily life and bring that about as faithfully, quickly and thoroughly as we are able.

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