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If you confuse expansion for ambition this year you could easily end up eating large amounts of humble pie by mid July. Therefore, the first part of 2014 is a golden opportunity to accept that more is not better, it’s just different. And if you are to feel the true nature of expansion then don’t forget to invest asome part of success into learning. That way, a deeper connection to balance and wisdom can be your reward.
Apply: Evolution

Collective Community
Many dissatisfactions and emotional imbalances will come to the surface this year prompting demanding shifts within the collective consciousness. However, cycles packed with comprehensive change couldn’t have come at a better time and, if everyone realizes their potential, expanded choice and responsibility could easily form solid foundations for the future.
Apply: Emotional Healing

Planetary Partner: Neptune
Meditation: “I am rebalancing my emotional nature.”



Independence and clarity are important this year. However both could easily be seen as zealous or destructive during March and April as personal change gains momentum, breaking through convention and conservative belief. Although this could feel radical, many of these changes are long overdue. However, change can only come from choice, and nothing that’s forced can consolidate into a long term foundation.
Apply: Choice

Collective Community
Many are looking for greater honesty and space to grow in 2014. If this is to happen in harmony, unified and coherent voices need to rise above the mumbles of general dissatisfaction. This will then create a clear and simple recipe for the type of change that’s supported by everyone, and for the foundation for that kind of change to come into being.
Apply: Responsibility

Planetary Partner: Mercury
Meditation: “I am embracing my personal truth.”



2014 will bring an easing of pent up pressure and frustration that’ll support everyone in reconnecting with their heartfelt wishes and core values. The will to command a heart-centered reality that everyone contributes to and benefits from has never been greater. However, all great reconciliations come together because of the evolution of the individual. So don’t forget that you make the greatest difference to yourself and to your community this year.
Apply: Higher Self

Collective Consciousness 
The combined magic of the collective community could come up with quite a few surprises in 2014. However the general pace of change could seem slow to those in Thailand itself. Some of this is due to a minefield of details and last minute changes that appear to hamper reform. However, some is also due to the gentle but steady absorption of the whole process which would become much more stressful if rushed.
Apply: Allowance

Planetary Partner:  Neptune
Meditation: “I am embracing rebirth.”



It’s often said that money can’t buy you love. This year, many will reassess how their pursuit of financial success and security is reducing their time with loved ones or weakening their relationship with their spiritual nature, friends and family. Therefore, why not spend time in contemplation and healing up until July? Then you can rebirth your approach to money and success and see how these aspects fit into the greater understanding of material and immaterial abundance.
Apply: Abundance

Collective Consciousness
Individual healing and growth will be reflected strongly in the collective spirit of India in 2014. As excesses and imbalances rise to the surface, many will be thankful for greater simplicity and stillness. However, hearing the silent but constructive wisdom of the greater universe may be difficult to achieve after July when the heart of India rebirths, bringing what needs to change to clear—but also extreme—conclusions.
Apply: Completion

Planetary Partner:  Jupiter
Meditation: “I am embracing the balance between humanity and Earth.”



Family life and the power of personal relationships takes centre stage this year. Whether you’re looking to improve living standards, find a partner in life or set up your own home, this is the year to bridge the gap between what you think you want and what you really want. How can this be achieved? By listening deep down to the voice of the heart that supports you in building all the major relationships in your life.
Apply: Heartfelt Connection

Collective Consciousness
Many perceptions and ways of living will go into rapid decline this year. For some, this’ll mean pride and bluster will no longer hide their creative deficit. Others will be shocked at how seemingly opposite sides come together during radical renegotiations of power. Whatever the shift, remember, how you feel is your most important asset now, rather than what seems to be the most logical outcome.
Apply: Feeling

Planetary Partner: Venus
Meditation: “I am embracing emotional healing.”

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