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The first half of 2014 is a time of gentle transitions and endings. Although the momentum forward can be steady rather than dramatic, much could come to a head in April if procrastination takes over in February and March. Therefore, why not see rebirth as recycling energy into a new form? Then, by October, potential will be nourished by abundance, allowing the complete cycle of rebirth to be acknowledged and appreciated.
Apply: Persistence

Collective Consciousness

Emotional healing is top of the agenda this year as many controversial but important subjects are examined more comprehensively than ever before. For those who want greater choice as well as those who want choices made for them, these will be both challenging and expansive times. However, when humanity struggles to keep things together, Mother Earth will step in to show everyone what’s really important.
Apply: Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Planetary Partner: Mercury
Meditation: “I am embracing a greater sense of community with humanity and Earth.”




2014 is very much about new beginnings and new relationship foundations. For some, it’ll be difficult to see how certain situations can change or to make logical sense of what has gone before. However, if you remember that everything in experience has a way of evolving and there’s always more than one answer to any question, this is a year when open-mindedness and open-heartedness will magnetize miraculous options. So see it and believe it, for you’re part of the creation.
Apply: Openness

Collective Consciousness

Meandering through life will be appealing this year. However it’s a grounded and practical approach to life that’s required rather than moving at a snail’s pace. As Saturn, Uranus and Pluto prepare to conduct a Zodiac-wide upgrade from late March onwards, remember, doing what you love, embracing the qualities you hold dear and taking time out to hear your spiritual self will go a long way to being in a conscious unity that makes moving forward together easy.
Apply: Unity

Planetary Partner: North Node
Meditation: “I am embracing the power of conscious community.”




Wanting clarity and independence this year will really help when choosing how to invest in change and understand the true nature of potential. However, such clear thinking could also be seen as an attack on the collective inertia or security. So, if you have innovation to present, make sure you have a realistic timetable and process to implement what others could see as more a revolution rather than an evolution.
Apply: Evolution

Collective Consciousness

There’s a great opportunity this year for individual reform to merge with collective support that results in community-wide benefits. However to reach this destination, the community will need to look at being much more proactive and persistent regarding the issues that are important to them. If motivation can be harnessed then effort and commitment will translate into results and lasting change.
Apply: Realization 

Planetary Partner:  Venus
Meditation: “I am embracing the knowledge and understanding to make a difference in my community.”




Embracing dreams and hope this year is vital for the individual to begin to harness the immense creative power that unfolds during 2014. So to enable the foundation of your dreams to materialize, think outside the box rather than redesigning what has already been invented. This will come from greater private reflection and meditation and less emphasis on hours of effort that could easily detract from the inspiration you seek.
Apply: Higher Self

Collective Consciousness

The collective community could begin to redefine the meaning of devotion en mass in 2014 as many stop waiting for a sense of reassurance that’s long overdue and start to believe in what matters most to them. These are times of radical shifts but it doesn’t mean that pain and struggle are the only way the process can be completed. Therefore the more the collective seek the empowerment of the individual, the more Japan will feel its inner light and harness its capacity to heal.
Apply: Empowerment

Planetary Partner: Uranus
Meditation: “I am embracing the valuable part the individual light plays in the collective consciousness.”

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