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Many will question what is really important to them this year. As a result there could be periods of inner turmoil as alternatives are sketched into being and the feeling of ‘enough’s enough’ comes to the surface. Therefore why not utilize this time of spiritual acceleration to enrich what matters to you or to reorient your life towards what you feel will create long term fulfillment.
Apply: Discernment

Collective Consciousness
Many want to celebrate the true nature of Brazil in 2014. However they could feel that their message is being hampered by the self interested motives of the few. Polarized positions could cause extreme reactions during April and May. Therefore remember, this is a time for organized responses rather than chaotic reactions. Then the voice of many will have a clear message complete with alternative approaches, rather than a dissonant confusion with no clear path forward.
Apply: Command

Planetary Partner: Mars
Meditation: “I am finding my inner voice and sketching a conscious path of change.”



Putting on a show is fine if you believe in the reason behind the celebration. But during 2014, the fabric of tradition will be questioned as the nature of conscious choice becomes more relevant. As a result, individual choices will lead the way in clarifying why life is how it is. Then many will be willing to look at how tradition is helping them. Or, if it isn’t, replacing certain activities with intentions and alternative actions that are more self loving.
Apply: Conscious Choice

Collective Consciousness
The heart of celebration will be reborn in 2014. However this could come as a result of both the upheavals of Mother Earth and the protests of the people. Although times of complete shift can be extreme, neutrality and the investment in alternatives is what counts most. It is these elements that require investment and celebration so that a firm foundation can come out of the upheavals of 2014.
Apply: Neutrality

Planetary Partner: Pluto
Meditation: “I am embracing neutrality so that alternatives can be nourished and a new foundation created.”



Letting go of the past is as individual as the souls that undertake it. But as the past rises in relentless cycles of healing in 2014, it could be a time for celebration rather than continued mourning if the energy of deep sadness can be recycled into fuel for the new. So if you feel it’s time for something supportive to come of any sadness in your own life, why not allow what has been trapped to leave and then return as fuel for a profound new beginning?
Apply: Transmutation

Collective Consciousness
When the whole emotional body of a country shifts, it’s an extraordinary time for all. And this is what will happen during April and May in subtle but very productive and supportive ways. So even if the general events and character of life doesn’t seem to change overall, why not believe deep down that there’s a unified openness to change, and that this shift is related to the miracles of today rather then the pace of past reforms?
Apply: Faith

Planetary Partner: North Node
Meditation: “I am believing in the empowerment of collective consciousness.”

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