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Greater individual empowerment is sought this year and it will come from letting go of old definitions of what makes a person free. Continuing to grow the foundation of equality may present a huge ongoing challenge but it is focusing on the inner qualities of self that will create the most progress. So why not fill your everyday experience with what creates joy, love and abundance in your life? Then you’ll feel the freedom of empowerment.
Apply: Empowerment

Collective Consciousness
The matrix of community will shift substantially during 2014. Those who found it hard to fit in will find new ways to contribute. Those who require a rest or a period of rejuvenation may drop out of sight for an extended period. Therefore, it’s an important year to reshuffle your community ties and observe how you fit in, what you disagree with and how your true feelings and relationships have changed in the past year.
Apply: Observation

Planetary Partner: Mars
Meditation: “I am rebirthing my ability to relate.”



Although the current climate may appear to be unstable and without direction, many ways of living that are truly impractical or un-self-loving will be recycled this year through pain or through surrender. Those who choose the hard way to let go could find difficult times ahead. But if balance is truly what you seek in your heart and in your experience, then be prepared to apply that balance relentlessly. Then you’ll see shoots of calm and reconciliation reaching for the light by August.
Apply: Balance

Collective Consciousness
Collective insecurity may be very high during 2014 but this is because the foundations of emotional and creative fulfillment are changing, not only for the individual Egyptian but for the whole of society. Therefore if you want to enjoy your year, avoid joining a blame game without end. Instead, support what will bring stability and hope to your community while recognizing that there’s no single solution to this complex period of transition.
Apply: Understanding

Planetary Partner: Moon
Meditation: “I am letting go of judgment and embracing peace.”



If you thought that enough was enough last year then there’ll be more adjustments necessary in 2014. However, it’s far from a doom and gloom outlook as there’ll be many people creating exciting solutions to the problems that currently face Jordan. This will bring renewed inspiration and abundance to a community that will see it’s efforts rewarded.
Apply: Patience

Collective Consciousness
There’s no doubt that the challenges of Middle Eastern conflict have spilled continually into Jordan. However, this year a breakthrough in the handling of conflict will enable many stressed areas to feel a sense of relief. It’ll also help groups generate constructive plans so that time is invested in creating a future rather than waiting for an ending.
Apply: Action

Planetary Partner: Mercury
Meditation: “I am magnetizing what I require into the Now.”

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