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2014 will bring a lot of cause for optimism as a new emotional cycle begins. However those who want to sit back and wait for change to arrive at their doorstep may be waiting a long time. Therefore, if you’ve been wanting to open a window of opportunity into a new world, why not invest in finding out what you really want and sketching a plan to bring it into reality rather than dreaming about what could be?
Apply: Action

Collective Consciousness
There’s a push and pull relationship between community and individual this year when many want reform but the individuals that make up the community want security. Therefore, this is a time for discussion and explanation, but not for justification. For important elements to change, there’ll be disruption. However, that disruption doesn’t need to be inefficient, nebulous or costly.
Apply: Cosmic Sense

Planetary Partner: Neptune
Meditation: “I am believing in dreams and taking practical action in order for them to become a reality.”



It’s wise to leave the blame and logic of structure behind in 2014 in favour of a sketch that can be adapted and modified. This might sound a bit wishy-washy but the power of the Moon will be dissolving the cumbersome and the laborious. So why not clear some space for your own personal genius to breathe?
Apply: Inspiration

Collective Consciousness
Denmark can be a lot more rebellious than its disciplined Scandinavian character may lead others to believe. Therefore, in the spirit of questing and evolution, questions and proposals will be made in 2014 that may be shocking or challenging to many. Fortunately, this’ll be exactly the stimulus that Danish society requires as a whole to understand its core values and help it champion what it believes will create abundance, joy and live-and-let-live throughout 2014.
Apply: Purpose

Planetary Partner: Uranus
Meditation: “I am embracing the core values of my personal truth.”


2014 continues the rebuilding of core values and a sense of balance that is relevant to both the individual and to the country as a whole. Friendship and the willingness to accept what’s in the past will support new beginnings and a sense of cohesion that has been impossible up until now. Therefore, if you want to make progress in 2014, don’t try to work out why things are the way they are. Simply put your efforts into creating the Now that you want.
Apply: Peace

Collective Consciousness
Rebuilding the foundations of people, culture and daily life are much more important this year than economic progress. However the pressures to make ends meet could create social and structural rifts by July that look like they can only be solved by shoring up the status quo. Therefore August, September and October are the perfect time to have your say and contribute to the collective voice so there’s no doubt where the people stand.
Apply: Humanity

Planetary Partner: Pluto
Meditation: “I am reconnecting with my sense of humanity and core values.”



Many individual breakthroughs will contribute to a collective shift in the consciousness of Portugal in 2014. However the momentum for this shift will come from a persistent investment in heartfelt purpose rather than from a slackening off of commitment. So remember to pace yourself. Also, surrendering to what needs to be done always makes the job easier.
Apply: Surrender

Collective Consciousness
The empowering waves of emotional healing that have come to pass in recent years will bring a strong sense of new beginning throughout Portugal in 2014. As a result, there’ll be a new inner and outer balance point reached and a more coherent relationship between what the people actually want and what has been delivered by the government to date. Uranus will help support the collective voice in April, May and July so that most are left in no doubt as to what requires urgent change.
Apply: Collective Consciousness

Planetary Partner: Pluto
Meditation: “I am believing in the creative rewards that are flying their way to me.”



This year you could be asking yourself ‘How can I create what I want with the money I have?’ However, this doesn’t need to be a belt-tightening year if you’re willing to look at the concept of abundance rather than just money. The capacity to create will increase this year if it’s heart-centered and seen as a journey of self learning rather than a process with a result. So why not cooperate with your spiritual self? Find out what you really want and ask for help from like-minded people rather than waiting for the money that might not be able to buy what you really want.
Apply: Alchemy

Collective Consciousness
The collective structure of France could end up in pieces this year as innovation struggles to breathe under the weight of convention, and something has to give. Many could seek extreme solutions to expenditure issues. But logical cutbacks will do nothing to establish a practical but long term balance point. Therefore, to create a path forward that supports community in 2014, make sure it’s one founded on simplicity and quality. Then much can be achieved through using differently what has fallen into disuse or inefficiency.
Apply: Re-perceive

Planetary Partner: Venus
Meditation: “I am embracing new perspectives and review my whole life.”



Talk could end up cheap or worthless this year, depending on what happens afterwards. Constantly romancing problems but failing to marry them with alternative solutions could prove wasteful and drain the hope reserves of even the most faithful. Therefore, if you want to make progress this year, bring creative dreams down to earth and embrace simplicity rather than complicating creativity into a drama without a productive end.
Apply: Decisiveness

Collective Consciousness
Much will unravel this year as the power of clarity and the Grand Cardinal Alignment in April exhausts the illusion of the benevolent patriarch. Although coming to terms with the fact that no individual government can rescue Italy could be difficult, there’ll be a powerful solidarity developing amongst those who command their own creative process and have many alternatives to offer as to how Italy can both reform and rebirth.
Apply: Reformation

Planetary Partner: Uranus
Meditation: “I am embracing the unity between creative practicality and beauty.”



Cracks could appear in certainty this year as the usual ways of creating don’t work out as planned. But before you criticize yourself or others for disappointments, understand this is only half the journey. To go the whole distance is to understand that creative capability is expanding out of competition into cooperation. So if you’re able to cooperate, difficulties will melt into solutions for which everyone can take credit.
Apply: Cooperation

Collective Consciousness
This year, the commitment to major new beginnings and directions could leave some sectors of the population out in the cold. Therefore, the way collective decisions are made needs to be much more open and transparent. That way, those who don’t agree can at least understand why decisions are being made. This’ll keep the door open to change and show people how they can contribute to these changes if they choose to change their minds about the outcome.
Apply: Openness

Planetary Partner: Venus
Meditation: “I am embracing openness and allowance.”



In 2014 it’s important to remain committed to creative priorities so that you can bring them to completion. Much of this will be achieved by keeping things simple and doing what it takes on an everyday basis. But come September, there’ll be a sense of both achievement and independence that makes much of what could have been a considerable struggle feel worthwhile, supporting a rebirth of hope and inspiration.
Apply: Completion

Collective Consciousness
Although in 2014, times may continue to be tough in many parts of Spain, there’s a significant change in the connectedness within community and the collective empowerment that results from cooperation and localized responses to community issues. Therefore there’s never been a better time to join in with those who’re making a difference where they live and thereby contributing to a creative shift that enriches Spain as a whole.
Apply: Creativity

Planetary Partner: Uranus
Meditation: “I am making a difference in my community.”

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