The Year of the Monkey.

To the rest of the Zodiac, it’s business as usual for Ox calmly moving through your work and play alike. However deep down you’re seeking a major change in your life but don’t know how to go about it. Fortunately for you, Dog is a great sign to talk to, having a very compassionate nature. So gather your friends about you and be courageous talking about what really matters to you.
Apply: Revelation

The meaning and purpose of the relationships that surround you are becoming more and more important to you this year. Dog will put you in all sorts of unusual social situations, and you’ll grow if you make time to understand how you feel. Such a supportive pace will suit you well and give you the confidence to get out and enjoy yourself.
Apply: Individuality

Your healing challenge this year is to leave behind a part of who you were. This is not a journey during which you run away from parts of yourself that you don’t like. It’s more a case of accepting how you have lived before and being open to learn from it and embrace new ways this year. Dog is a gentle teacher, patient and supportive, so there’s nothing to worry about unless you choose to ruminate.
Apply: Self belief

Meditation for This Month

This guided meditation was created especially for you to gain maximum benefit from the energies of this month. Download now, create your favourite form of sacred space, and feel the difference.

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Featured Meditation

We're featuring this meditation of special interest - Meditation Group In November 2012 on occasion of Total Solar Eclipse. Download and listen - experience being in the group during the Guided Meditation, and hear the guidance from Higher Realms exactly as it was channelled through at the event.

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