The Year of the Monkey.

Consistent work and intuitive genius can combine this year to make you feel on top of the world. Dog is a faithful and caring companion to Tiger, soothing your extreme nature and helping you balance. However, remember that Dog loves to come along for the ride but doesn’t want to be drained by needless drama, reaction and paranoia of your larger-than-life character.
Apply: Healing

You could easily feel the tougher times of life are behind you this year as you settle into the reliable comfort of Dog year. Yes, much will be rewarding and fulfilling this year, but remember how you got here. There are many supportive elements around you as well as people who have contributed to your success, so don’t forget to give back to those who have invested in you.
Apply: Understanding

Living with Tiger is never dull. However, it often isn’t that balanced either. But in Dog year, you’ll find a peace and a sense of balance that has been eluding you for some time. What’s important is that you cultivate your inner foundation and promote the ancient wisdom that ‘less is more’. Then you will be able to give without fearing loss and create your life without fighting for it.
Apply: Surrender

Meditation for This Month

This guided meditation was created especially for you to gain maximum benefit from the energies of this month. Download now, create your favourite form of sacred space, and feel the difference.

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Featured Meditation

We're featuring this meditation of special interest - Meditation Group In November 2012 on occasion of Total Solar Eclipse. Download and listen - experience being in the group during the Guided Meditation, and hear the guidance from Higher Realms exactly as it was channelled through at the event.

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