Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018
with Alexandria

Harness the Healing Forces of your Chinese animal to benefit your life throughout the year.

Year of the Yang Earth Dog begins 16th February 2018.

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DOGPotentialThis is not a year of fast forward acceleration or shortcuts. However, it’s one of consistent progress as long as you stick to a simple plan of action and let others depart without you on their individual excursions of drama and crisis. You’re a strong and capable person so let your light burn true this year, rather than burn out trying to help people who don’t want to change.
Apply:    Inner PeaceRelationshipsPersonal truth is key this year and, if you can honour how you feel, a friend will never be too far away. Relationships will reflect how you feel about yourself and how committed you are to nurturing your emotional identity. Therefore it’s important not to be too earnest or serious. And remember, Love is never what you think, it’s always what you feel in your heart.
Apply:    Unlimited Spiritual CreationHealingYour healing in your own year depends on how much you’re prepared to both stand your ground and also adapt to changing circumstances. Many will put on a show this year, attempting to distract you from the real issues. Therefore simply take up a strong position by standing back and allowing yourself to see the big picture. Then you won’t get caught with the devil in the details!
Apply:    Perspective
PIGPotentialStamina is required this year as you face a shift in power at work, requiring of you all your philosophical strengths to work out your way forward. This is time to call up old and wise friends alike to hear what they have to say about the changing climate. Then you’ll be able to move into a state of contemplation, enabling you to create your path ahead with peace and trust.
Apply:    FaithRelationshipsSomething has got to give this year. Whether it’s an avalanche of change or a small tremor, you’ll feel it to the core of your being. In some way, this is going to be a relief because you’ll sense everything balancing up in your life instead of holding the weight of the world on your shoulders. Just remember to communicate clearly and often — Dog wants to help you but won’t be able to if you’re not clear about your choices.
Apply:    EmpowermentHealingSudden shifts are often a little overwhelming for you. But this year is more a culmination of significant steps that have now joined up into a path of realization and action. Therefore don’t fear 2018 but see it as an opportunity to put all the important building blocks of a new life together. There’s no hurry, but it would be a good idea to take advantage of cosmic momentum and support.
Apply:    Commitment
RATPotentialThis year will become much more unpredictable than you’d first thought, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to work with Dog to create a powerful year of change. Known for your quick responses and intelligent strategy, you’ll have what you require to move ahead. However, it’s your heart that you’ll need to rely on most, not your mind, organization or logic.
Apply:    ReleaseRelationshipsComfort zoning and the will to change could be in short supply this year as your Water element is under pressure from the Earth of Dog. Therefore it’s important to generate a clear, self-loving plan and stick to it by borrowing some of Dog’s consistent diligence. These aren’t times of drama; this is a phase of self devotion, and understanding the power of inner peace.
Apply:    CenterednessHealingTiming is everything this year. After the extreme highs and lows of Rooster Year, Dog will definitely be more easy going and cooperative. However there is a temptation to slip into non-action or to think too long about solutions. Therefore, take your time to find out what you feel deep down, but don’t find yourself looking back on the year wishing you’d backed up realisation with action.
Apply:    Creativity
OXPotentialTo the rest of the Zodiac, it’s business as usual for Ox calmly moving through your work and play alike. However deep down you’re seeking a major change in your life but don’t know how to go about it. Fortunately for you, Dog is a great sign to talk to, having a very compassionate nature. So gather your friends about you and be courageous talking about what really matters to you.
Apply:    RevelationRelationshipsThe meaning and purpose of the relationships that surround you are becoming more and more important to you this year. Dog will put you in all sorts of unusual social situations, and you’ll grow if you make time to understand how you feel. Such a supportive pace will suit you well and give you the confidence to get out and enjoy yourself.
Apply: IndividualityHealingYour healing challenge this year is to leave behind a part of who you were. This is not a journey during which you run away from parts of yourself that you don’t like. It’s more a case of accepting how you have lived before and being open to learn from it and embrace new ways this year. Dog is a gentle teacher, patient and supportive, so there’s nothing to worry about unless you choose to ruminate.
Apply:    Self belief
PotentialConsistent work and intuitive genius can combine this year to make you feel on top of the world. Dog is a faithful and caring companion to Tiger, soothing your extreme nature and helping you balance. However, remember that Dog loves to come along for the ride but doesn’t want to be drained by needless drama, reaction and paranoia of your larger-than-life character.
Apply:    HealingRelationshipsYou could easily feel the tougher times of life are behind you this year as you settle into the reliable comfort of Dog year. Yes, much will be rewarding and fulfilling this year, but remember how you got here. There are many supportive elements around you as well as people who have contributed to your success, so don’t forget to give back to those who have invested in you.
Apply:    UnderstandingHealingLiving with Tiger is never dull. However, it often isn’t that balanced either. But in Dog year, you’ll find a peace and a sense of balance that has been eluding you for some time. What’s important is that you cultivate your inner foundation and promote the ancient wisdom that ‘less is more’. Then you will be able to give without fearing loss and create your life without fighting for it.
Apply: Surrender
RABBITPotentialYou are feeling very differently this year as Dog takes over from Rooster and your fast-forward life slows to a more do-able pace. Taking stock at the beginning of the year is a good idea. This overview will allow you time to mix business and pleasure, helping you to feel that you are finally achieving a more fulfilling life and work balance.
Apply:    Inner TruthRelationshipsSome would say that, when work is going well, the relationship side of life can often appear to fall apart. Dog is a highly social sign and, although you would like to run with the pack, this could get you into hot water with your nearest and dearest. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, be honest about what you have planned. More importantly, be realistic about others’ feelings and then you’ll avoid becoming hyper sensitive and over reacting yourself.
Apply:    ReflectionHealingRooster was a demanding year and you’ll adjust slowly to the first few months of Dog year. Therefore, give yourself time to rebalance and adapt to the change of pace as well as to the level of emotional honesty that’s required this year to feel purposeful, creatively encouraged, and confident.
Apply:    Faith
DRAGONPotentialGetting what you want in life can sometimes be just as scary as not getting what you want. Dog will bring you many opportunities this year but over-thinking rather than constructive action could send them away. The best approach is to see your year as being one of intense learning, but potentially one of great progress if you’re less judgemental and adapt to the path of evolution you’re on.
Apply:    IntentionRelationshipsRelating and friendship are always highlighted in Dog year. You could find being in a crowd a little claustrophobic, especially a crowd of new people. But with a little gentle persuasion from Dog, you’ll integrate into your new relating life with a lot of joy and lot more synergy than in Rooster Year. Just remember, start as you mean to go on, and see this as a time of listening rather than dominating.
Apply:    ListeningHealingDog will teach you about a gentle yet powerful compassion in 2018. It won’t necessarily fit well with the ambitious exactitudes and standards of Dragon, but it will nourish your heart energy and sense of belonging. So why not embrace this year with the courage that Dragon is renowned for? You’ll realise that resonant situations are often made up of the most bizarre and unlikely combinations of people and places.
Apply:    Openness
PotentialDog will not make the lofty promises that Rooster crowed about last year. However, what Dog will do is encourage a new cycle of learning and change at a pace which need not be too demanding. What is important is that you deal with each situation that arrives when it arrives, rather than letting change pile up. Yes, Snake like to digest their life but, if you want an ever-changing buffet, you need to go with the flow to get the most nourishment.
Apply:    Cosmic TimingRelationshipsYou love a good time and stimulating conversation. But remember that Dog will also teach you to be your own best friend, encouraging you to spend time in contemplation so you can keep evolving in your closest relationships. Therefore make space to be loving toward self and others in equal measure so that you can embrace the relating transformation that’s now upon you.
Apply:    TransformationHealingKeeping hold of the same routines this year could make for a challenging time with little growth. But if you’re prepared to take risks and make sure others aren’t controlling your choices, you’ll make progress. This is a time in your life when your personal truth and input is vital if you’re to achieve genuine fulfilment by creating from the heart.
Apply:    Discernment
PotentialHorses do like to win in any competition. However Dog has arrived to tell you that winning isn’t everything in your life and pursuing it constantly will isolate you in 2018. So why not exchange ambition for insight and control for cooperation? See where that leads you and discover Dog is only too willing to help you look further afield if you stop forcing life and co-create instead.
Apply:    ChoiceRelationshipsThis year you could get very frustrated because you want your relating world to be all about you. Dog will be patient with you up to a point, but it’s yourself that needs to look at why peace eludes you. Therefore, if you can’t forgive, forget. If you can’t forget, let go. And if you can’t love yourself, ask Dog to help you change your mind about the state of your heart.
Apply:    SurrenderHealingAlthough this year may appear to be a bit of an uphill climb, it’s all about perspective. Horse can persist with blinkered views when a much bigger perspective is available to them. Therefore don’t limit your options or your views. And realize that pride not only comes before a fall but also it gives you fewer options when you want to restore your position.
Apply:    Forgiveness
GOAT/SHEEPPotentialAlthough sheep often like to comfort zone rather than upgrade, this is a year when you’ll be stimulated by the friendly helping hand of Dog to evolve your creativity while still keeping the qualities that you love. This is not a meteoric rise to fame but, if you put in a little effort constantly, it is a time of steady progress and a balanced sense of reward.
Apply:    ConsistencyRelationshipsIt’s time to reassess how you feel about you, and Dog year is a great year to start the process. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is certainly necessary but it’s not material things you’ll be discarding. Dog is going to help your emotional well being and help you face fears related to your self value and communicating what you truly want in your life.
Apply:    CommunicationHealingYou will have all sorts of feelings this year. Some will be comfortable, some not so. The key is to understand that Dog is soothing you into a new emotional cycle, not making you feel what you don’t want to feel. So let go and let life, and realize that new beginnings are wonderful if you make the effort to embrace them.
Apply:    Self Love
MONKEYPotentialDog may appear to be handing out new beginnings this year but they’re for those who choose them rather than those who want them delivered tied up with a bow. Therefore realize, with all the Earthy practicality hanging around, it’s time to commit, take action and launch your dreams into the cosmic flow. Then you’ll be able to cruise in the second half of the year, safe in the knowledge you took the time to action what you felt deeply and detach from what was falling into the past.
Apply:    DetachmentRelationshipsLetting go is often hard for Monkey because being detached is mistaken for not caring. This year, Dog is asking you to broaden your relating horizons by letting go and stepping back, not because you’re being less loving or supportive but because you’re letting in different ways to nurture your nearest and dearest. So just let go, let life and realize how easy it is to be loving when you aren’t trying to figure out the cosmic flow.
Apply:    FlowHealingThe Wheel of Fortune turns for you this year, but it’s more about emotional peace than the dramas of outrageous fortune. Many may feel that you’ve fallen off the grid. In reality, Dog year is actually a wonderful opportunity to regroup within yourself and enjoy the creative rebirth that results.
Apply:    Rebirth
ROOSTERPotentialYou could get caught in the glory or the drama of 2017 and be left struggling to keep up in 2018. Observation, learning and evolving are of course ideals close to your heart, but you won’t be able to practice them if you get stranded in the past. Therefore keep your feet firmly in the Now and promise yourself you’re able to integrate your learning from the past and your intentions for the future. And do just that.
Apply:    Self confidenceRelationshipsDog could present some realities that you find hard to digest this new year. Being inwardly strong but also stubborn when letting go, this is not a year to drag past issues into present situations. Therefore invest in whatever supports you in clearing your emotional well being and nurturing yourself. Then you’ll combine with Dog’s powerful ability to cherish what’s right here, right now.
Apply:    Emotional transmutationHealingRooster could feel a bit weighed down in Dog year as the power of the Now highlights burdens from the past that are ready to be recycled. Therefore, choosing this detachment process might not be easy but it is vital for your growth. Don’t think you can try and negotiate with the Universe about what you think you should keep when, in reality, the Universe understands perfectly what you no longer require and need to release.
Apply:    Trust
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