(Jan 20-Feb 18)


The time for grand overviews and ‘what ifs’ has passed. This is a year to strip up your sleeves and dive into your life with a hands on approach. This doesn’t mean you have to go it alone in 2016 but it’s important to understand how you ground your ideas so that you’ll attract the help you require and realize when you’re being unrealistic or impractical.

Apply: Grounding


The intensity of 2015 could subside this year if you’re prepared to stand up for balance rather than end up fueling drama into emotional crisis. The warriorship of Uranus in Aries will help you see those around you as they really are, not just how you’d like them to be. So why not live and let live so your inner romantic can be free of drama and you can finally love and say what you want to say to those you care about most.

Apply: Unconditional Love


Being unable to see both sides of a story in 2016 could cause many health upsets. So why not make a change for the better? Promise yourself and others that you won’t try to control the stream of events in your life but instead you’ll go with the flow more, release your grip on the need to know, and realize that surprises can actually be a lot of fun.

Apply: Going with the flow

Planetary Partner:  Uranus
Meditation: “I am surrendering to the flow of my Divine nature.
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