ARIES 2016

(Mar 21 - April 20)


This is a year of profound structural change which you could find both shocking and stimulating. Fortunately, Mars’ time in the sign of Scorpio in January, February and July will bring some much needed balance and reflection. This will help you appreciate your progress by mid September rather than wasting your time chasing projections, regrets and what you think should have happened.

Apply: Centredness


Your greatest problem in 2016 is your ego wanting to keep you in fight-or-flight mode rather than embracing change. If you fall under ego’s spell then, in April, relationships will walk away to let you carry on fighting with yourself. So before you start an internal war, realize your life will fall into place when you stop forcing it to fit your ego’s expectations.

Apply: Individuality


Your health could suffer from May to August if you’re not prepared to downgrade your expectations and go with the flow. Therefore, at the end of April, check your blood pressure and your ability to decompress, and realize life is about being prepared rather than thinking you’re invincible and ready to react at a moment’s notice.

Apply: Letting go

Planetary Partner:  Uranus
Meditation: “I am letting go of forcing my life into being.”
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