AstroVision 2016
by Alexandria

Your Healing Signs for 2016 by Alexandria.

(Jan 20-Feb 18)

The time for grand overviews and ‘what ifs’ has passed. This is a year to strip up your sleeves and dive into your life with a hands on approach. This doesn’t mean you have to go it alone in 2016 but it’s important to understand how you ground your ideas so that you’ll attract the help you require and realize when you’re being unrealistic or impractical.
Apply: Grounding
RelationshipsThe intensity of 2015 could subside this year if you’re prepared to stand up for balance rather than end up fueling drama into emotional crisis. The warriorship of Uranus in Aries will help you see those around you as they really are, not just how you’d like them to be. So why not live and let live so your inner romantic can be free of drama and you can finally love and say what you want to say to those you care about most.
Apply: Unconditional Love
Being unable to see both sides of a story in 2016 could cause many health upsets. So why not make a change for the better? Promise yourself and others that you won’t try to control the stream of events in your life but instead you’ll go with the flow more, release your grip on the need to know, and realize that surprises can actually be a lot of fun.
Apply: Going with the flow

Planetary Partner: Uranus
Meditation: “I am surrendering to the flow of my Divine nature.”
(Feb 19-Mar 20)Creativity
Saturn’s square-off with your Ruler, Neptune, could easily push your buttons this year, unleashing a tsunami of dissatisfaction. So before you sweep yourself away on a high tide of injustice, realize you’re perfectly capable of creating with confidence in 2016. March 9th will give you a brilliant opportunity to showcase your commitment to speaking up while setting a powerful and purposeful tone to your creative year.
Apply: Personal TruthRelationshipsIn 2016, yes-men and diplomatic niceties could evapourate in the face of Saturn’s flows of emotional honesty. But this doesn’t mean you’re the one left doing the heavy lifting or sitting depressed on the sidelines of the Zodiac. Saturn is the teacher that helps us make the best of our experience so, to enjoy your year, expand your perspective. Then you’ll improve the most important relationship — the one with yourself.
Apply: AdventureWellbeingEven the most easy-going of people require some time out to rebirth and regroup. This will come for you in April, July and November. Ego could easily try to hijack your health this year when much-needed breaks are ignored. Therefore, make sure you check your inner balance point, do what you feel, and forget about what other people think.
Apply: Emotional Balance

Planetary Partner: NeptuneMeditation: “I am embracing fresh perspectives.”
(Mar 21-April 20)
CreativityThis is a year of profound structural change which you could find both shocking and stimulating. Fortunately, Mars’ time in the sign of Scorpio in January, February and July will bring some much needed balance and reflection. This will help you appreciate your progress by mid September rather than wasting your time chasing projections, regrets and what you think should have happened.
Apply: Centredness
RelationshipsYour greatest problem in 2016 is your ego wanting to keep you in fight-or-flight mode rather than embracing change. If you fall under ego’s spell then, in April, relationships will walk away to let you carry on fighting with yourself. So before you start an internal war, realize your life will fall into place when you stop forcing it to fit your ego’s expectations.
Apply: IndividualityWellbeingYour health could suffer from May to August if you’re not prepared to downgrade your expectations and go with the flow. Therefore, at the end of April, check your blood pressure and your ability to decompress, and realize life is about being prepared rather than thinking you’re invincible and ready to react at a moment’s notice.
Apply: Letting go

Planetary Partner: UranusMeditation: “I am letting go of forcing my life into being.”
(April 21-May 20)
CreativityA Grand Trine on May 7th could really light up your creative life in 2016 if you’re prepared to ground your dreams in unorthodox ways. Flexibility is vital if you’re going to receive the investment that’s on offer and add some spring into your step. So why not team up with an Aquarian or Libran? They can help you revamp ‘convention’ and ‘practicality’, and benefit from some much needed life-pruning.
Apply: ExpansionRelationshipsWishes could really come true this year if you’re confident about your own ability and seek constructive critiques on how to be more of you. If you’ve been stuck in a vanilla life, merging with the wallpaper, now is a time to step into a more authentic you. Progress from April to June could be slow, but it’s just the pace you require to turn a lack of Self Love into golden opportunities.
Apply: Self LoveWellbeingIf you want to feel good about yourself all year then work smart, not hard, and do what it takes to build on your self confidence. Many Taurus believe they have to plod along and persistence wins the day, but that can take a heavy toll on your health. So see what you’ve been doing over and over again that isn’t working and let it go in 2016.
Apply: Renewal

Planetary Partner: Mother EarthMeditation: “I am embracing self confidence.”
(May 20-June 21)
CreativityThe Grand Mutable Cross happening in your sign on June 3rd could easily be the icing on your creative cake in 2016. That is, if you’ve been able to conquer niggling doubts and self discipline shortfalls from January through May. Yes, being an Air sign, your ego can hold you captive in the mind. However, this year Mercury, your Ruler, is taking regular breaks in Earth signs, meaning there’s no better time to transform planning into action.
Apply: ActionRelationshipsRelationships require constant input this year. Saturn is prompting you to tidy up and re-commit to what you hold dear so that you can allow other aspects of your life to fall away. This doesn’t need to be complicated but, remember, commitment is like a mast — hold it dear and you can weather any storm. But waver, and Saturn will remind you of the cost of fickle diversions and the neglect of what supports you the most.
Apply: CommitmentWellbeingHealth and wellbeing are always linked to the state of your emotional body. Air signs could come down with a thud in April and/or May if you’re burning the candle at both ends and running between laziness and laboriousness. So fuel your physical balance with the application of some earthy practicality. Then you’ll feel emotionally fulfilled and your body will keep up with you.
Apply: Groundedness

Planetary Partner: JupiterMeditation: “I am celebrating my creative talents.”
(June 22-July 21)
CreativityYou could feel that the zodiac is conspiring against you in the early part of 2016 as you feel yourself slogging through the responsibilities of life as if you’re in solitary confinement. Fortunately, this is just your ego playing on your creative insecurities and, come your birthday month, you’ll realize everything is coming together. How it transpires could easily rock your world… but there’s a time and place for everything!
Apply: UnityRelationshipsThe mystic rectangle on July 7th could divide your relationship world into two parts leaving you to bridge the gap. But before you try and please the martyrs or resist change, understand you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Simply work on the fundamental relationship values you want in your life and let everyone else observe the efforts you’re making.
Apply: Self dedicationWellbeingEmotional changes in 2016 could be painful if you see them as rejections. This year is one of make ups and breakups, simply because you can’t go on the way you have been. Therefore, work to see what you’re learning in all your changes. Then you’ll surrender to cosmic timing and realize that the Universe isn’t against you, it’s trying to help you.
Apply: Transformation

Planetary Partner: PlutoMeditation: “I am taking command of my life.”
(July 22-Aug 23)
CreativityYour creative accomplishments will shine bright this year but be careful not to rely on success that comes from bringing past glories into the present. Saturn’s asking you: ‘What’s the point of keeping all the balls in the air if you really want to drop some of them permanently?’ Therefore, decide what you can do without and liberate much-needed resources to fuel a new creative phase starting from July.
Apply: Efficiency
RelationshipsIf you established a relationship balance in 2015 then this year will support that balance and stop you from becoming an outsider in your own world. Big questions will be asked in May as to what you want from this time in your life. Quiet and calm reflection will be required for you to arrive at your answers. So resist the temptation to rush through 2016 avoiding the clarifications that could make a world of difference.
Apply: Self Honesty
WellbeingWith Saturn ploughing on in your fellow Fire sign, Sagittarius, your health could get forgotten while you deal with the demands of your own ego or your family. So if you don’t want to hit overload by June, make a promise to nourish yourself with what’s self loving rather than escaping into excesses you can well do without.
Apply: Self Love

Planetary Partner: MercuryMeditation: “I am clarifying how to rebalance my life and let go of the past.”
(Aug 23-Sept 22)
CreativitySome big changes will happen in 2016 if you’re prepared to be more loving and joyous about your life. Don’t panic — this won’t mean you’ll turn into a hedonist that cares only for ego! But it could mean you’ll have to admit you’ve been resisting joy. If you think that’s wrong, challenge yourself to find out what you cherish at this time of life and how you’re making space for it in your life.
Apply: RebirthRelationshipsIf you’ve been hiding away from life or defending your inner hermit, then Mercury’s practical mood will turf you out of seclusion by September 11th. If you’re courageous in embracing a new beginning in all relationship spheres then Saturn will be only too happy to help you move forward with confidence in January. Jupiter will take over in September, helping you to accept the abundance you’ve created and to see that emotional struggle isn’t natural.
Apply: New BeginningsWellbeingCaring less about what others think will help you focus on what you believe brings you joy and fulfillment in your life. Your Ruler, Mercury, is being very practical and committed this year and this could help you make major improvements in your health if you’re willing to be more spontaneous, less rigorous and more open to the subtleties in life.
Apply: Observation

Planetary Partner: MercuryMeditation: “I am observing what brings me fulfillment in my life and enjoying it.”
(Sept 23-Oct 23)
CreativityIn some ways, the pressure is off in 2016 and in September, Jupiter comes to Libra giving you a lot of cause for optimism. However, a word of caution… It’s true some of your most difficult emotional and creative storms are behind you but this doesn’t mean all is plain sailing from September on. Your newfound balance point requires great care and, in some ways, its maintenance could be more challenging than the dramas of 2015.
Apply: Practicality
RelationshipsA new emotional beginning could bring you a lot of cause for celebration from March onwards. However, this all depends on whether you’ve genuinely decided to make a complete change or if you’re just dabbling. Make-your-mind-up-time will come in June so, if you want to move forward, start when toasting the New Year so everything will become much easier by August.
Apply: DecisivenessWellbeingFortunately, in 2016 your fellow sign of Taurus will deal you a few health trump cards that could get you out of serious health problems from May onwards. However, knowing this doesn’t mean you can abuse yourself and leave self care until June. This is a time to take your ego’s invincibility by the scruff of the neck and bring it down to Earth with a bump. No one is bullet proof, so make the most of the second chance you have to avoid serious health problems.
Apply: Self discipline

Planetary Partner: VenusMeditation: “I am committing to empowering changes.”
(Oct 23-Nov 22)CreativityBe clear about what you ask for in 2016 as the Grand Trine in Earth in May will help you, but not if you’re in a self destructive or rebellious mood. This is a year of daily miracles sustained by a diligent commitment to your creativity. So even though your resolve may falter in July, take this as a hint to decompress. Then take some time off so you can continue to make progress you’re proud of as well as making a purposeful difference.
Apply: VisionRelationshipsRelationships are full of promise this year, particularly if you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone and develop the hints that come from your Inner Voice. Business rewards could easily come through friendship and connections rather than conventional methods. Therefore, make sure you make time to enjoy yourself. Then what goes around will definitely come back around to meet you.
Apply: AbundanceWellbeingYour health could go from strength to strength in 2016, given you’re courageous enough to face the issues that have made you unhappy in the last three years. The importance of emotional well being will be highlighted in July, so don’t leave it until then to get your self-loving plan together.
Apply: Initiation

Planetary Partner: PlutoMeditation: “I am enjoying my path of change and embracing Cosmic Timing.”
(Nov 23-Dec 21)CreativityWell, if you didn’t already know, Saturn, the Planetary Teacher, has landed in your sign. There’s no need to run for cover or think Lady Luck will now pass you by, however. It’s a time to realize that less is more and conscious changes require both spontaneity and self-loving organization. Yes, you might want to show people the power of faith and holding onto your dreams, but don’t forget that great visionaries are required to live the dream and be the example of joy, not just talk about it.
Apply: Self LoveRelationshipsRelationships could hit a rough patch after the mutable square alignment on June 3rd. Constant friction could burst into flames in September if you try and make your dream everyone else’s. Yes, you’re passionate about what you believe this year, but a live-and-let-live policy will be much better received and gentleness, consideration and joy will help bring out the best in everybody.
Apply: CommunityWellbeingYou could spend the first part of the year out on a limb or separate from others simply because you feel emotionally overwhelmed. This might cause others to worry or be suspicious about your motives. Therefore help your health with regular periods of clarification and communication. Then you’ll feel loved, clearer about the progress you’re making, and more at peace about all areas of your life.
Apply: Communication

Planetary Partner: SaturnMeditation: “I am choosing to be enthusiastic and realistic.”
(Dec 22-Jan 19)CreativityIf you worked hard to find new ways to express your talents in 2015 then 2016 will bring many rewards as your creative foundation matures. If you keep your ear to the ground, plenty of opportunities will flow to you rather than you having to go looking for them. Yes, Pluto is still in a clarifying mood in May and June bringing twists on your creative path, but you’ll trust, adapt and, most importantly, find the answers you’re looking for.
Apply: UnderstandingRelationshipsYou may have planned for a quiet relationship year but this is unlikely to be the case. Why? Because you have a lot to offer and this year you’ll be in the right place at the right time to expand your social sphere. However, don’t wait for the Universe to deliver everything on a plate. Instead, make a special effort to be social and respond to random invitations for it’s the magic in the unknown that’ll be most beneficial.
Apply: SurpriseWellbeingYou can often treat yourself badly simply because of the need to keep your life in order. As 2016 is full of surprises, it’s time you got serious about looking after yourself so that you can take advantage of the surprises when they come along. Therefore, look into how you can get help at work and at home. Most importantly, make time for a holiday rather than sitting at home wishing you’d booked a last minute getaway.
Apply: Spontaneity

Planetary Partner: PlutoMeditation: “I am embracing spontaneity and flexibility within the structures of my life.”
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