(May 20 - June 21)


The Grand Mutable Cross happening in your sign on June 3rd could easily be the icing on your creative cake in 2016. That is, if you’ve been able to conquer niggling doubts and self discipline shortfalls from January through May. Yes, being an Air sign, your ego can hold you captive in the mind. However, this year Mercury, your Ruler, is taking regular breaks in Earth signs, meaning there’s no better time to transform planning into action.

Apply: Action


Relationships require constant input this year. Saturn is prompting you to tidy up and re-commit to what you hold dear so that you can allow other aspects of your life to fall away. This doesn’t need to be complicated but, remember, commitment is like a mast — hold it dear and you can weather any storm. But waver, and Saturn will remind you of the cost of fickle diversions and the neglect of what supports you the most.

Apply: Commitment


Health and wellbeing are always linked to the state of your emotional body. Air signs could come down with a thud in April and/or May if you’re burning the candle at both ends and running between laziness and laboriousness. So fuel your physical balance with the application of some earthy practicality. Then you’ll feel emotionally fulfilled and your body will keep up with you.

Apply: Groundedness

Planetary Partner:  Jupiter
Meditation: “I am celebrating my creative talents.”
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