LEO 2016

(July 22 - Aug 23)


Your creative accomplishments will shine bright this year but be careful not to rely on success that comes from bringing past glories into the present. Saturn’s asking you: ‘What’s the point of keeping all the balls in the air if you really want to drop some of them permanently?’ Therefore, decide what you can do without and liberate much-needed resources to fuel a new creative phase starting from July.

Apply: Efficiency


If you established a relationship balance in 2015 then this year will support that balance and stop you from becoming an outsider in your own world. Big questions will be asked in May as to what you want from this time in your life. Quiet and calm reflection will be required for you to arrive at your answers. So resist the temptation to rush through 2016 avoiding the clarifications that could make a world of difference.

Apply: Self Honesty


With Saturn ploughing on in your fellow Fire sign, Sagittarius, your health could get forgotten while you deal with the demands of your own ego or your family. So if you don’t want to hit overload by June, make a promise to nourish yourself with what’s self loving rather than escaping into excesses you can well do without.

Apply: Self Love

Planetary Partner:  Mercury
Meditation: “I am clarifying how to rebalance my life and let go of the past.
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