LIBRA 2016

(Sept 23 - Oct 23)


In some ways, the pressure is off in 2016 and in September, Jupiter comes to Libra giving you a lot of cause for optimism. However, a word of caution… It’s true some of your most difficult emotional and creative storms are behind you but this doesn’t mean all is plain sailing from September on. Your newfound balance point requires great care and, in some ways, its maintenance could be more challenging than the dramas of 2015.

Apply: Practicality


A new emotional beginning could bring you a lot of cause for celebration from March onwards. However, this all depends on whether you’ve genuinely decided to make a complete change or if you’re just dabbling. Make-your-mind-up-time will come in June so, if you want to move forward, start when toasting the New Year so everything will become much easier by August.

Apply: Decisiveness


Fortunately, in 2016 your fellow sign of Taurus will deal you a few health trump cards that could get you out of serious health problems from May onwards. However, knowing this doesn’t mean you can abuse yourself and leave self care until June. This is a time to take your ego’s invincibility by the scruff of the neck and bring it down to Earth with a bump. No one is bullet proof, so make the most of the second chance you have to avoid serious health problems.

Apply: Self discipline

Planetary Partner:  Venus
Meditation: “I am committing to empowering changes.
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