(Feb 19-Mar 20)


Saturn’s square-off with your Ruler, Neptune, could easily push your buttons this year, unleashing a tsunami of dissatisfaction. So before you sweep yourself away on a high tide of injustice, realize you’re perfectly capable of creating with confidence in 2016. March 9th will give you a brilliant opportunity to showcase your commitment to speaking up while setting a powerful and purposeful tone to your creative year.

Apply: Personal Truth


In 2016, yes-men and diplomatic niceties could evapourate in the face of Saturn’s flows of emotional honesty. But this doesn’t mean you’re the one left doing the heavy lifting or sitting depressed on the sidelines of the Zodiac. Saturn is the teacher that helps us make the best of our experience so, to enjoy your year, expand your perspective. Then you’ll improve the most important relationship — the one with yourself.

Apply: Adventure


Even the most easy-going of people require some time out to rebirth and regroup. This will come for you in April, July and November. Ego could easily try to hijack your health this year when much-needed breaks are ignored. Therefore, make sure you check your inner balance point, do what you feel, and forget about what other people think.

Apply: Emotional Balance

Planetary Partner:  Neptune
Meditation: “I am embracing fresh perspectives.”
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