VIRGO 2016

(Aug 23 - Sept 22)


Some big changes will happen in 2016 if you’re prepared to be more loving and joyous about your life. Don’t panic — this won’t mean you’ll turn into a hedonist that cares only for ego! But it could mean you’ll have to admit you’ve been resisting joy. If you think that’s wrong, challenge yourself to find out what you cherish at this time of life and how you’re making space for it in your life.

Apply: Rebirth


If you’ve been hiding away from life or defending your inner hermit, then Mercury’s practical mood will turf you out of seclusion by September 11th. If you’re courageous in embracing a new beginning in all relationship spheres then Saturn will be only too happy to help you move forward with confidence in January. Jupiter will take over in September, helping you to accept the abundance you’ve created and to see that emotional struggle isn’t natural.

Apply: New Beginnings


Caring less about what others think will help you focus on what you believe brings you joy and fulfillment in your life. Your Ruler, Mercury, is being very practical and committed this year and this could help you make major improvements in your health if you’re willing to be more spontaneous, less rigorous and more open to the subtleties in life.

Apply: Observation

Planetary Partner:  Mercury
Meditation: “I am observing what brings me fulfillment in my life and enjoying it.
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