Sandalphon through Paul Walsh-Roberts - 8 August 2006 (8.8.8) - The Old Chapel, Cuckfield, Sussex, England.

Greetings, children of Light. The task has been to integrate your light with your materiality; to discover this course, to discover more of yourselves, to discover the experience of yourselves. But your true nature is Light. Your materiality is not yourself.

In these change times you are beginning to integrate your body of light, your self as divinity, so that you would become one in your own awareness. It does not require some manipulation or some magic for you to integrate your body of light, beloved ones, it is as simple as surrendering to Divine Will, so that your will would become one with Divine Will. That brings the assuredness of your fulfilment of unimaginable joy, of wisdom and of your own potency; of love throughout continuing eternity of your learning.

All of the circumstances of your world and of your lives are for the purpose of self discovery. It is not for you to become saddened or embittered by them, to become fearful, to become regretful or to become embittered by your disappointments. All of those are a sign of your continuing experience and your continuing grip upon the duality of your world. It requires only that you surrender yourselves, for then you will find that without effort there is the flow of growth and rewards, not by trying but by allowing creation into your life, not by resisting but by encouraging and adapting to it.

Each of your paths is unique, but it is hand in hand with your Earth. For your Earth provides the means for you to have material experiences; a theatre, if you wish, by which you may enact your own learning. Your Earth is rising. As her vibration rises, so do you become enabled to raise your own vibration. For it means that, with the changing frequencies, you are able to see, to perceive and to learn from experiences that would otherwise have been overwhelming for you. That everything is rising asks only that you acknowledge all as a unity, not as a separateness; as a gift, not as a problem.

It is a time of great adjustments and your Earth is inevitable in its path of adjustment, just as you yourselves are inevitable in your path of adjustment. Change does not cease. It is to allow yourselves to adapt to change, to experience and not avoid the emotional implications, the learnings, the inner experiences that are associated with that change.

You are spirit, you are not embodiment. You are light, you are not materiality. You are coming to know yourselves. Do not indulge yourselves in the forgetfulness. Do not become so immersed in your experiences as to forget the learning. It is not intended for you to persist with the experiences, it is intended that you discover yourselves, as we have said. When you have discovered, then you will move to new planes of experience that do not entail what you see in your world at this time.

It dos not serve you to be angry, to become distressed or fearful regarding all of these events in your world. For as we have said, it only prolongs your hook into duality, into fear. It prolongs your experience of separation and the pain that it brings. So to see all things as a process of creation with an intention, a purpose of higher reward, will bring you into a manner of perception that will enable you to lead, to radiate a light of union and love in your world, in all things and all times.

Integrate yourself with your Earth. Breathe your Earth into yourselves. When you are able to remember this and to create an ongoing association deliberately with your Earth, then you will begin to synchronize more fully with her changes in frequency. Also, you will find yourself changing in frequency without the effort or the trauma or the conflicts and you will be integrating your body of Light.

If you wish to be of service to what you observe in your world then, in your minds eye, take yourself to that place. Imagine yourself as a column of life force, of Light connected to that place on your Earth and allow pure love to flow through you. Give yourself a little time for it will bring love to yourself. It will bring change, it will bring a joyousness and a relief to what you may otherwise see as being conflicting or dramatic. It is not so complicated.

But your path does require a deliberate association with your Earth. For you are one. You are one with each other, you are one with your Earth. See all things in love and unity and you will see the purpose in all things and the rewards that lie therein.

You are children of Light. You are spirits experimenting, discovering so that All- That-Is may discover itself. It is the part you play, and your part moves to its new phase at this time. Allow your role to change. Allow yourself to embrace new thoughts, new perceptions, new feelings and you will allow yourself then to experience anew, to fill your life and world with new circumstances.
Embrace Divine Will and the pace of Nature. Begin it.

I am Sanalphon. I welcome you all you are magnetic to light. Entrust yourself to that.

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