Sandalphon through Paul Walsh-Roberts - 24 May 2005 - The Old Chapel, Cuckfield, Sussex, England.

Greetings to you, to you all, holograms of the One Source. As your world changes, and everything within it and upon it steps forward on a journey closer to the Divine, so do you encounter your times of nurturing.

You have always had and will always have the opportunities, the methods available to you to nurture yourself and each other. It is by choice that this step becomes a natural habit for you. It is becoming increasingly important and meaningful for you to treat yourself with kindness and all those you encounter with allowance, clarity and compassion. There are no exceptions if this time is to bring the greatest rewards for you all.

It is time to remember your nourishment, to be kind to yourself in what you take into your bodies: pure clear water which will give you connectedness to the life blood of your Earth; take in food, fuel that is natural and discover for yourselves what is not; support the methods and the supporters of such foods that are natural. In such ways your bodies will stay in touch with the body of your Mother Earth, an alignment that is vital.

Nourish yourselves with respect; respect of your essence, respect of your connectedness with the source as well as with eachother. This will nourish your respect and connectedness with your Earth.

Honour yourself. Cast aside your criticisms, your doubts concerning yourselves. Nourish yourselves with your own support with your willingness to grow and emerge. In such ways will you stay in touch with the path that your Earth walks.

Support all activities that you are able to undertake yourself, activities that are aligned with that nourishment. Support eachother and activities in your world that are aligned in support of that nourishment and of your Earth.

Withdraw your attention, withdraw your concerns, withdraw your efforts from anything in your world that you find to disrupt your stillness, that you find to bring turbulence instead of peace, and so will you be able to hear your Earth, to feel her, to integrate with her sensory world. And so you become one.

Begin to discover, for as you discover these things in your world so shall you begin to discover the ways to sustain these things in your world. Discover the technology, the methods, the simple most natural ways and paths towards the nourishment that will sustain yourselves and your world.

It has never been easier for you than it is now to be in touch, to communicate and to know yourselves as spirit and your world as the Mother. Your connectedness is able to be enhanced each day that you live. You are always in touch with the opportunities to enhance your connectedness, to know yourselves more deeply; to go further than you have gone before; to step into your emerging selves and your new world.

It is with Love that all houses of the Divine gather at your service. It is with love that so much attention is cast upon your world and your own beingness. The divisions that you have perceived have all but dissolved.

As you begin to pierce your own veils of self limitation you will see that everything is there; it awaits you in your world. All that you long for as you pierce your own veils is made available to you. You are encouraged in this. We encourage you. Take that courage to extend yourselves, to step forward into new uncharted waters; into aspects of yourselves that you have not come to know yet but that you will see and understand to be your true nature. Effortless, loving supportive; a nourishing way of living, a nourishing way of being that will unfold… new adventures of learning and growth of far greater interest and fascination than those you have experienced to date but adventures of nourishment, not of destruction. Adventures of kindness and life, not adventures of conflict and adherence to the laws of fear. Adventures of Love; an entirety of existence founded on the adventure of kindness, on the adventure of love. A thrill and excitement founded upon the experience of Love that you had never known, could not remember.

You come forth at this time and we reach to you. Be kind to yourselves. Nourish yourselves, do not poison yourselves as you have. Do not poison yourselves in your emotions, choose another. Do not poison yourselves in your minds, believe another. Do not poison yourselves in your bodies, undertake another. You are understood and you are encouraged to understand yourselves.

I am Sandalphon. Much of your world comes to greet you. Begin to associate with it and so will all of the purities, the magnificence of who you are come to reach forth and find its way into your world through you. Welcome.

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