Sandalphon through Paul Walsh-Roberts - 6 June 2006 - The Old Chapel, Cuckfield, Sussex, England.

And greetings dear ones. You are all holograms of the One Source, it is so. As you come to remember this, you will also come to reclaim all that it means and all that it promises you: unimaginable presence and awareness; unimaginable joy and love, even though your world does not yet appear to present it to you. And the reason for this, dear ones, is that your world, your Mother Earth, has not been embraced.
Embracing Mother Earth, your keeper, begins with each of you. There is nothing more potent than your own loving choice. Nothing in the cosmos is more potent that the choice that you make. Do not belittle yourselves by ignoring this. Your reunion with your Earth is vital to you all as you take your ascension.

You will find, as you further the path, that steps cannot be taken until the reunion is achieved, at least in your hearts that takes place by you respecting yourselves in the first instance. Respect your own heart energies and your heartfelt choices. For as you begin that process you strengthen your heart energies and you begin to grow a natural understanding and commitment and respect for your Earth. It happens naturally. To ensure that you nourish yourselves fully, purely, respectfully with what is pure, to support what is pure what is natural all of these will support your Mother Earth and recreate your union and enable each of your steps on your own individual paths.

As your heart energy strengthens, more choices will become available to you and you’ll begin to learn the value of choice and to offer it to yourselves, primarily, but also to offer choice to all others in your world. For as you offer choice, as you invent what those choices might be, as you dream of the choices, so will you come to consider the associated disruptions, the associated challenges of those choices, of giving choice. That strengthens you all. It is simple to undertake this.

You are able to grow and able to nourish yourselves with higher teachings and broader awareness simply by choice. You begin these steps by respecting yourself. You will also begin to adopt the pace of Nature, for to resist that pace or to force it is to bring nothing but conflict to yourselves; vexation to your spirit; difficulties and hurdles to yourselves to overcome that need not have been there. For you cannot accelerate your path nor can you resist it without creating difficulties for yourselves. When you adopt the pace of nature in your own reality, you will adopt the greatest acceleration of which you are capable. It is natural.

You are the ones and this is the time. All of your peoples are able to undertake this change that is upon you all. Not all will. However, if you are able to bring all of your fellows choices where they may think there are none, then so will be you begin your service, so will you generate an increased capability for all of humanity to take these steps.
This is a unique time in your history but it cannot be taken simply by embracing what you imagine is the Light. It is by embracing your Earth, for she too is Light and so are yourselves. All Light must be embraced.

As you allow all things, you enable this ascension to proceed. It does not require that you accept all things for acceptance brings with it the price of resentment in many instances. You are not required to accept but to release your resistance, which is its near and opposing neighbour. Come into allowance for the pace of nature is required.

You are all capable of steps that you cannot imagine. We understand that it is a little confusing for you, particularly when your minds, your intelligence endeavours to integrate cosmic principles. It is to be expected when these cosmic principles are introduced that they do not resonate with the limited dimensional capacity of human thinking. If you simply surrender, allow everything to be, every idea to flood through you without acceptance or resistance, you will enable your own spiritualization. But you will also enable spiritualization of your world. It is only through your own capacity that this takes place.

As you resist, you resist for one and all. As you allow, you allow for one and all.

It is not just yourselves any more. For as you rise in your process of ascension, you also become increasingly unified. And all of the choices you make and the choices you give enhance that union and enable you to advance.

As the Higher Light reaches you all, as it integrates with your own energies and with the energies of your Earth, reunion becomes less difficult for you all. This gift is upon you without you trying. You cannot create that Light, you can only accept it or resist it. You cannot create the Love that it brings, you can only accept it or resist it. In truth, all that is required is that you allow it to flow, that you allow it to be, whether you understand, whether you know it or not, for the knowing will come to you.

Allow the possibilities. Forget the likelihoods or the probabilities for these are manufactured in the minds of limitation and these times that are upon you bring not limitation but expansion; adaptation to a world at a different level, with a different functionality than you have accustomed yourselves to.

What you undertake as lives relates closely to this journey. The more closely you relate your lives to your entire world and the way you long for your world to be, the more you become the creators and become increasingly aligned with yourselves as holograms of the One Source, for that is one and the same.

Creation does not stop for you for it does not stop through you. So many imprinted distortions, misunderstandings of your world have affected your creation streams and have created many of the hurdles which have become apparent in your world. But none is insurmountable. Embrace your world. Allow all of your fellows to be. Respect yourselves. Respect your bodies, for they too must become spiritualized in this process for you to undertake your paths. It cannot happen in ways that are known to your minds for your minds are incapable of embracing the methodology; it is not a process of logic. You will reclaim your natural intelligence through this allowance­­—intelligence of your heart, of your very spirit—and your bodies will understand and will adapt. So will your world. And you will become one. Discard what disturbs your inner harmony; embrace what enhances it.

I come with greetings I am Sandalphon embrace your world it is your time.

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