Sandalphon through Paul Walsh-Roberts - 17 March 2009 - Dayton, Ohio, USA.

Yes and welcome dear ones. As you gather, so do you magnetize other beings, even other worlds to your attention. You are becoming beacons.

This is a time for confidence, a time to trust even what cannot be seen, to trust what is within yourselves. For you hold within you all that you require for these vast transformations.

Your world magnetizes now the Light wisdoms, the Love that is necessary for you to revitalize yourselves, to reclaim yourselves. You do so in association with your own planet.

Think of your planet as the Great Mother. She also is rising, just as you are rising. As this takes place, her will to take this journey assures that your own journey will not overwhelm you. It is the greatest partnership.

So much is coming to light within you all. It is known that you carry all that you require, that you’re already containing all that you seek, however it has not been altogether apparent to you. Yet that shall now be so. Increasingly you will notice of yourselves the sense of confidence and faith in what you are undertaking and who you are becoming.

At the same time, through this same process that you undertake, you are releasing your attachments to what you have believed of yourselves, and to what you have believed of each other, so that you might embrace the greatness, the actual experience of yourselves as divinity, in tangible ways. And it is a greatness. And as this takes place, also you bring other species, other beings, representatives of other worlds who long to witness your undertaking, to witness the transformation that you are now realizing.

Dissolving is taking place. You are dissolving the distance that has been perceived between yourselves and your Earth. This is her reward—the acknowledgement. And it is your own nourishment. For as you love and treat her, so do you love and treat yourselves. The division is dissolving. This will become increasingly apparent to you all.

In your own evidence shall you find what you yourselves, each of you, requires in order to rebuild your association with your Earth. You each have a different unique method that will serve your purpose. And you will find yourselves becoming nourished as you attend your Earth. Your communication is much more direct and effective than it ever was. Your Earth has a greater understanding of each of you, and of all of you as a species.

The many species that come to you, to your world, are now throughout your world. They observe this and learn it for their own worlds. The time of division is behind you. The time of reunion is with you. There is an overwhelming attraction for species who themselves long to repair their own worlds yet have not the experience, the insights, even yet the opportunities. Yet they are aware. And they seek. And yet your in world, humanity is almost unaware of its task but it has all of the opportunities to undertake the process. It is a curiosity of your evolvement that you have built for yourselves tasks within tasks, not a simple transformation but a multiple transformation. Not one transformation but one transformation for each of you. Yet it is a common result.

You are quickly, as a world, creating a galactic micro-environment that your visitors uphold, not only by their observations and learning of all of your passages, but also in support of you. It will be some time before you comprehend the intricacies of what you undertake; before you may appreciate the potency of each step you choose.

There is much attention and with that attention upon you, upon your world, so does the Light and the Love reach you. Many innumerable passageways of Light, all of which nourish you, all of which are supportive… they are the worlds, your neighbouring worlds. They have observed you. They have observed your influence in that galactic neighbourhood.

In your own world there is little, even no, knowledge of the influence that you all have beyond that world that seems to be so real for you. Yet the influence is there. It has caused concern from time to time. Because of your ignorance of yourselves and of your influence, the concern has grown. But it has also subsided. As it grows and subsides, still you inherit opportunities to integrate your neighbourhood.

You have not been aware of your own representations. Certainly your peoples are represented in the galactic context. Many of these have been misrepresentations for you have not known. The time has come, dear ones, for you all to represent yourselves, to transmit from yourselves the love and the willingness and the acceptance of your reunion, of your connectedness. Allow it to transmit from you infinitely and trust that it reaches the worlds that are coming to understand you all.

You are not separate, you are individuals. You are one. Just as the cells of your own embodiment are each unique, so is your world a cell, a functioning cell in the unity of your own neighbourhood of worlds.

What have appeared to be small events in your world reach far beyond what you imagine. The large events have even more effect This is why such other worlds are called to your world. There is a common interest, a common benefit; a common purpose to love, to lead an enlightened existence; to forgo the obsession with darkness; to reach forth and reclaim yourselves, all and one.

You are being welcomed by these worlds. It will become increasingly clear to you. Firstly through each of you and then through all of you, it shall become clear—a different array of responsibilities, a different array of considerations for yourselves, for all of humanity, for your world—at which time your ability to become actively involved in your galactic community will also become apparent, will become vital.

You are welcomed, dear ones. I am Sandalphon. Our work is to draw you to your world to recognise it to reclaim your relationship with it so that you yourselves may be whole. Welcome.

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